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Azimut Solar Energy Systems a.s., our focus is on our customers. Established in 2016, we provide solar energy services that comply with European standards to generate electricity. With our expert team specialized in electrical, construction, and energy efficiency-enhancing software engineering, our goal is to make the most of Turkey's solar energy potential. We offer our services across a vast geography, including Istanbul, Izmir, Tekirdag, and Bodrum. We provide professional support for the installation, maintenance, and management of solar energy systems for customers in these regions. Our aim is to contribute to Turkey's energy independence and maximize the benefits our country gains from the limitless energy source of the sun. Being aware of the importance of environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources, we adopt high efficiency and quality standards in our projects. The equipment we use is produced by globally recognized and reliable brands. Furthermore, we ma
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Solar Energy Power Stations for Industrial Rooftops

You can make use of idle rooftops by installing Solar Energy Systems, the most favored among renewable energy sources, to meet your energy needs. You can finance the system through installments similar to paying electricity bills or via a more affordable payment plan, and begin saving money immediately. Eliminate significant energy expenses from your business costs, boost your competitive edge, and enhance your business's profitability. If your rooftop has more space than needed for the installation, you can generate additional income in addition to covering your expenses. click  our projects BENEFITS Quick return on investment; 40-year lifespan and 25-year manufacturer guarantee; Electricity production at the point of consumption; Typically, a transformer is available; Minimal cabling expenses; Existing rooftops are generally sufficient for projects; Rapid return on investment; Extremely low maintenance and servicing costs; No operator necessary; Eco-friendly energy, silent and wa

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

If you want to install an electric vehicle (EV) charging station in your home, residential parking lot, or commercial facility, you may want to learn about the costs first. EV charging stations are produced at different power levels, and the costs depend on these levels. To determine the most suitable power level for your business, you should first determine your needs. EV charging stations are available in three different power levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 or DC fast charging. Level 1 is the standard for charging at home using a 220-volt wall outlet, with the slowest charging speed. Level 2 charging stations are typically found in public charging stations and use a 380-volt power supply. These devices provide 32A AC charging capability. DC fast charging devices are designed to charge EVs the fastest. However, installation costs are higher than other levels, and they are not currently preferred outside of commercial models. DC fast charging devices charge at high voltage and p

Product Sales

As a solar power plant implementer operating since 2016, our company offers system components such as all brand inverters and all brand photovoltaic panels, delivering various technical solutions to businesses undertaking solar system installations. Our primary principle is to create customized, cost-effective solutions for our customers in collaboration with our robust domestic and international partners. Thanks to supply agreements with leading manufacturers in the industry, we provide competitive pricing and a diverse range of high-quality products to investors. With our strategically located warehouses, we promptly address your needs and deliver products worldwide within the requested timeframe. Leveraging our industry experience, we present the most affordable and dependable solutions to our customers with our extensive product offerings. Our customers receive reliable, economical service along with superior products. online our extensive selection of solar energy products at our

Consultancy for Project, Engineering, and Investment

ENGINEERING Project Pre-feasibility Solar Radiation Analysis Determination of Soiling and Contamination Factors Identification of Shading Areas Connection Point and Distribution Transformer Suitability Assessment PROJECT DEVELOPMENT EPC Lightning Protection and Grounding System Implementation Mounting Support Structures PV Panel Installation Inverter and Panel Installation DC / AC Cabling and Connection Application Motor Control Center (MCC) Installation and Startup MV Infrastructure Testing and Commissioning PROJECT Optimal Panel & Inverter Configuration (Cell String Layout) 3D System Design and Visualization Direction and Shadow Calculations Structural Design Drawings Mechanical Design Drawings Electrical Design Drawings (LV / MV / HV) Annual Sunshine and Production Simulation FIELD DEVELOPMENT Coordinated Application Geotechnical Study and Soil Investigation Excavation Works Hammer Pull Test Roof Load and Durability Test Project Area Security Measures (Fencing, Cameras, etc.)

Ground-Based Solar Energy Facilities

By setting up large-scale power plants, you can invest in the energy sector, a crucial area where our country relies on foreign sources, with a 10-year government-backed purchase guarantee in dollars. Utilize idle land unsuitable for agriculture by deploying solar systems, contributing to the economy. If your rooftop or parking areas are insufficient for the required installation space, ground-mounted Solar Systems can be an ideal solution. BENEFITS Dispersed electricity production and consumption prevent transformer station overload. The sun is unlimited and free. Minimizes energy transmission losses and prevents unauthorized usage costs. Offers a 40-year lifespan and 25-year manufacturer warranty. Reduces or eliminates your energy expenses. Decreases distribution and transmission equipment needs as it's located near end-users, enhancing local electricity service reliability. It's clean, environmentally friendly, harmless to living beings, and waste-free energy. Modular, porta

Solar Parking Lot Installations

Safeguard your vehicles from the intense heat in summer while utilizing your idle parking spaces with a more aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly solution, generating income while fulfilling your energy needs. OVERVIEW Protect your vehicles from the intense summer heat while making use of idle parking spaces with an attractive, eco-friendly solution, generating income while meeting your energy needs. This is an excellent alternative for situations where rooftop implementation areas are insufficient. Parking areas for single or multiple vehicles can be effortlessly converted into solar power plants, even if they lack uniform geometry. BENEFITS You can continue using the installation area without occupying it; System is consistently expandable; Cars are shielded from the sun in summer and from rain and snow in winter; Quick and compact installation options; Reduces snow removal costs for parking areas in winter; Short payback period, The sun is unlimited and free System lifespan of 40

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 Azimut Solar Energy Systems A.S - Contact Us TURKÇE Site: Contact Information İzmir Head Office Address: Yali mah. 6432 sk no:10/A Karsiyaka - izmir - Turkiye Phone: +90 (232) 38810 40 E-mail: Warehouse Address: Turkevleri Mah. No:207 Ören - Milas - Mugla - Turkiye Phone: +90 (552) 730 71 91 E-mail: Bodrum Office Address: Konacik. Ataturk Bulv. No:261/1 E Bodrum, Mugla Phone: +90 (552) 730 71 91 E-mail: